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Healthy food is more cost-effective but people love to buy j

According to the "Sydney Morning Herald" reported, although the price of healthy food than junk food more affordable, but people will still more than half of the budget spent on eating junk food.
This week, the National Conference of the Dietitians Association of Australia (Dietitians Association of Australia's National Conference) in Hobart (Hobart) held from the Queensland University of Technology (Queensland University of Technology) public health experts and nutritionists Professor Li (Professor Amanda Lee) released a research report, which pointed out that Australia will be 58% of the average food budget is spent on junk food.
The results surprised her and her research team. For adults, 35% of the energy intake comes from free food, such as junk food, compared with 40% in children. These foods contain a lot of saturated fat, sugar, salt, or alcohol, which are not needed in a healthy diet. But they are subject to the GST, which is more expensive than healthy food. So they expected people to spend less on unhealthy food.
She pointed out that people choose more expensive unhealthy food, mainly due to convenience, practicality, advertising and so on.
In addition, the study found that a healthy diet is more economical. Healthy eating means eating healthy foods at the supermarket, such as fruits, vegetables and whole grain Cereals, without eating very special or specific foods, according to the dietary guidelines. This healthy diet saves 15% of the cost of eating unhealthy food.
Professor Li hopes that the government can provide some assistance, and the implementation of the new national nutrition policy (National Nutrition Policy), let everyone easier access to healthy food, and this kind of food prices become more affordable.
It is understood that Australia currently has 63% of the population is overweight or obese, and the country needs to pay 58 billion Australian dollars for this year.

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