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2020 sales will exceed 2 trillion yuan, "snack food sta

Inner Mongolia dried beef, Fujian candy, Henan jujube products, Hubei duck and Sichuan Chicken Feet with Pickled Peppers...... In recent years, China's snack food industry and agricultural resources are closely linked, forming a prominent regional characteristics category, the rapid development of the industry as a whole.
"At present, China's snack food enterprises as many as tens of thousands. Over the past 3 years, the composite growth rate of sales of snack food industry has exceeded 20%, and annual sales have exceeded one trillion yuan." In the recently held the third session of the Chinese leisure food industry development forum, deputy director of the Institute of food science and technology Chinese leisure food processing technology branch and Secretary General Bi Jinfeng said, is expected to 2020, China snack food industry sales will exceed 2 trillion yuan.
With the improvement of people's living standard, consumption upgrade and pace of work, there is a growing demand for safe, diversified and convenient snack foods. Data show that the next 5 years to 10 years, the main business income of leisure food, food industry will reach 1/5 of total revenues, trillions of Yuan potential market demand, will provide unlimited business opportunities and market development, leisure food enterprises in China's scientific and technological innovation, resource integration and other consumer services.
It is noteworthy that compared with developed countries such as the United States and Japan, there is still a certain gap between China's leisure food consumption. Bi Jinfeng said, in terms of leisure food consumption, China's annual per capita consumption of only about 25 grams, far below the average annual per capita consumption of developed countries 3000 grams or so, the gap of more than 100 times. "China's leisure food development space is huge, the market will continue to grow at a rate of more than 20% in the future."". Leisure food to meet consumer entertainment and leisure needs at the same time, gradually become "three meals a day outside" the "fourth meals."".
Although China's snack food industry has developed rapidly in recent years, there are still some problems." China food industry (Group) Company general manager Cai Yongfeng think, on the one hand, the overall size of the leisure food enterprises of China are small and scattered, the industry threshold is low; on the other hand, the enterprise product variety, brand awareness is not strong, the market competitiveness of the products. At the same time, enterprises lack R & D capability, lack of innovative products, product homogenization phenomenon is more serious, the price competition is fierce.
How to solve the problems faced by the snack food industry? Cai Yongfeng believes that the establishment of brand awareness is the key to the success of snack food enterprises, features and differences are the focus of the development of leisure food enterprises, nutrition and health is the mainstream direction of leisure food industry development.
The development of leisure food industry, not only need leisure foods such as cereals, fruits and vegetables, poultry, aquatic products, agricultural products, medicine and edible food and other industries need to cross, from source of raw material quality and safety, promote structural reform of the leisure food industry side supply, strengthen the 123 industry integration and development, create leisure food processing the whole industry chain and value chain." Bi Jinfeng said, as consumers upgrade, personalized channel release and increasing market competition, leisure food industry competition by the original products and technology competition to brand competition, some brand enterprises will occupy a favorable position, the formation of enterprise advantages and regional advantages, further expand the cooperation between enterprises and complementary advantages and sales channels is represent the general trend of industrial development.

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